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Best Silk Sarees Collection of 2018 in India

The Kinds of Saree That will make Want for More

Sarees have made some of the special days in our life even special. Think about the first time you wore a saree. You must have felt excited and thrilled to wear it. You would have shown it to your friends. Women wear sarees for all the special occasions like their last day of college, for their wedding, anniversary and so on. There is never a limit to women’s reasons to wear a saree.

Are you one of the ladies who collect different types of sarees? When you go to buy one thing did you come with a saree? Don’t worry that’s normal. Who will not like buying a saree? Now many saree collections are coming this season. That to the pure silks sarees are making every bride go crazy. Everyone is desirous of buying a one of a kind silk saree. Now let’s see about the different types of sarees available in the arcade.

The Amazing Collection of Pure Silk Sarees 

  • The Gadwal Saree

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The Gadwal saree is a mixture of cotton and silk. It looks very charming because of the combination. The saree can be folded to the point where it will resemble the size of a matchbox. That much foldable is the Gadwal saree.

  • The Paithani Saree 

This saree is named after the place called paithani in Maharashtra. These sarees are handcrafted silk sarees. The flowers are the main inspiration for the motifs in the saree. They are deemed as the richest saree in Maharashtra.

  • The Kanchipuram Saree 

The Kanchipuram saree is the one of the famous saree in Tamil Nadu. These Kanchipuram sarees are gloriously brocaded with silk and gold threads. These sarees are preferred by many brides because they give a look of refinement and when draped the folds are very proper and impressive. The saree exhibits the shape of the women beautifully. The Kanchipuram saree is long lasting than the rest of the sarees when kept carefully folded with a cotton cloth.

  • The Chanderi Silk Saree 

The chanderi sarees are well known to give a look of sophistication. That is why they are worn to office functions and other formal parties. They look very decent and respectable. They are also comfortable to wear and handle then the other silk sarees.

  • The Balucheri Saree 

The balucheri is one of the silk sarees which belongs to the city of Baluchar in West Bengal. The sarees are basically silk and do not have contrast colors in them. They have scenes from religious themes drawn in them. They are perfect to be worn for temples and other religious occasions. The religious stories are stitched with gold threads. A man riding a horse, scenes from the epics are some of the motifs in the saree.

  • The Banarasi Saree 

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The banarasi saree is known for its rich silk and marvelous Mughal inspired patterns. The saree is made with the purest of the pure silk and widely popular India. The brides of India wear this saree for their wedding day because they are popular and deemed fit to be worn for the grand occasions. The minute motifs in the saree with zari and gold thread work make the saree look impressive and attractive.

The Great Indian Saree 

Sarees have kept the myriad and myriads of women enfolded in its ‘pallu’ for many generations. The saree has been accepted as a most magnificent garment by many people in India. The women of India have adopted western clothes to wear most of the time. They did not leave the habit of wearing sarees. They only go rigged-out in a saree when they have to attend a function so still the popularity of the saree is unmatched.

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