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How to Choose a Perfect hat for Winters?

If we talk about uses of the hat in winter covering up is key to keeping warm in winter and that includes your head. It is just as important to keep your head and ears as it is any other part of our body. In winter season hats come in many colours and this guide is aimed at helping you find a winter hat that is best suited to your needs and style. For those people who instantly think “hats don’t suit me my outfit luckily for you. We will have to give you a bit of guidance on which hats suit your outfit. Check out different types of Winter Hats with their pro and cons:

Types of Winter Hat 

Winter hats will be manufactured from warmer fabrics than summer hats, manufacture wool, felt, fur and fleece. There is no one type of winter hat that is suitable for every occasion. But there is a style of according to whether that will suit what you are looking for casual wear, sports of more formal occasions.

The colour of the hat will often play a part in what situations it is suited to formal or informal. The hats in bold colours or patterned hats attend to have more casual associations the best for leisure activities such as sport, duty weekend wear.


A type of Beanie hats is probably the most popular knitted hat style and a winter staple fiber for most. The Beanie hats are most often made from polyester fabric or acrylic fiber but can also be made from wool. Beanie Hats have several cool features including bobbles, turn-ups, and linings. Beanie hats can be found in plain colours and plain designs with more daring patterns or text designs becoming progressively stylish.

If we talk about oval-shaped face a fitted beanie would properly suit you best as it won’t grow your face. If you have a heart-shaped face so prefer for an untidy beanie which will soften the angles of the face. The informal style of the beanie hat makes them the best suited to domestically wear and less to formal wear.

We have to choose always a popular hat, the choice for kids now adults are acquiring in on the act. A bobble hat is a kind of beanie with a knitted head and a ball on its top. Pom Poms made of fur is a perfect example. For those of you with a face, like beanie hats, the bobble hat will compliment the shape of your face. Certain hats suit a lot of face shapes, a bobble hat is one of them.


Trapper and aviator hats are fundamentally hats with ears that can be flipped up and are arguably some of the warmest winter hats. Trapper hats are equally to Shankara which are a Russian style of hat typically manufactured from sheep of skin, rabbit or muskrat fur and hair. Aviator hats are generally made up of leather. It consists of fur on the ear flaps and upon the earflap.

If we talk about extremely cold a trapper or aviator hat will give you as much coverage from the cold and wind blow as you can be got without wearing a balaclava. The ear flaps have been designed to provide added protection from the elements. Whether you prefer for the traditional fur or some more extortionate these style of hats will suit most face types and are popular and common with both men and women.


A deerstalker hat is the most closely associated with the famous Sherlock Holmes hat and as such is often associated with detective headgear. These hats were historically worn by tribal people. Their primary job was to hunt deer, hence this name. A traditional deerstalker is normally made from a wool textile material, lined with fabric or polished cotton. The primary attraction of Deerstalker hats lies in its shape that looks like of a helmet, with both the rear and front sides covered with visors. An amazing choice for fashion geeks.


A fedora is a more structured winter hat with a brim which is most commonly made from wool and felt and worn by both men and women workers. The traditional fedora hat has a crease down the center and is pinched at the front of the crown. Fedora hats allow added lengths because of its tapered grown. Also, this is the reason why people with short faces love this. We have to choose a style with a smaller brim to avoid making your face appear smaller. People with face shapes that are similar to a rectangle also sport a fedora to go with a wider brim.

Fur Hats 

Fur hats are often related to beauty and are popular with those looking for a more formal winter hat. Conventionally, fur hats were worn by both male and females. However current styles in the UK tend to be more feminine. Unlike their European counterparts aviator hat, Russian hats, which are also called Cossack hats, come with no ear flap.

The people with a round face are often seen sporting Fur Hats as opposed to people with a rectangular or triangle face. If you are small or have a small face you might find a Cossack hat dwarfs you.

Winter Headbands 

Although technically not a hat, a fur headband is a favourite choice for winter and can be easier to wear than a full fur hat. Fur headbands are well suited to those with organic or round faces. Headbands are majorly used alongside skiers. It comes mostly with a ski headband which generally consists of thin fleece material. As well as you will keep your ear, head warm they are great at keeping your hair out of your face when you are on the slopes. Some are highly thin and are able to be worn under your ski helmet. Many people prefer headbands to the hat as they still supply extra warmness but won’t slide off your head as some hats can.

A Hat can be the best attire to go with different winter clothes. Not only hats give you an amazing look but also save you from the winter cold. Know more about hats on

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