Fresh or Sugar Flowers on Wedding Cake?

Fresh or Sugar Flowers on Wedding Cake?

First of all, let me emphasize that there isn’t a right or wrong answer here; you can read the article and decide for yourself. There are couples who are clear about what they want -intricate sugar flowers or fresh, natural flowers. But there are a couple who get confused about what to choose and what’s gonna be best for their wedding cake? So, to put an end to this confusion once and for all below mentioned is a list of pros/cons that will help you out to choose the best.

Real Flowers for Wedding Cake

Choosing fresh flowers for your wedding cake adds a layer of innovation and uniqueness to the scrumptious treat. Furthermore, in case that you plan on utilizing fresh blossoms somewhere else in your celebration—like for decorating centerpieces or flower bunches—adding a couple to your cake will blend everything together well. As it might look a little odd if the phoney flowers on your cake look dull when observed than the real beautiful flowers you are holding in your hand. Be certain and coordinate well when ordering any real flowers with both your flower vendor and your baker.


Besides coordinating with the remainder of your wedding flowers, real flowers for your cake are the less expensive alternative too. It doesn’t really mean that you will get those at a reasonable rate, but you aren’t paying for the custom work that sugar flowers require. In case you’re attempting to save a few bucks, setting a couple of some carefully chosen flowers on your cake can help—while looking wonderful.


On the other hand, real flowers are somewhat more high-maintenance than sugar flowers. If not chosen carefully, certain real flowers might be harmful when ingested, regardless of whether just a bit. Regular wedding flowers, like sunflowers and roses, are safe to eat, but only when they are pesticide-free. Real flowers additionally aren’t ideal for weddings taking place outside or in humid areas. They will probably get spoiled before the gathering starts.

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Sugar Flowers for Wedding Cake

Sugar flowers are either produced using gum paste or fondant, both of which solidify as they dry, holding the structure of the flower set up. And if you need these eatable flowers for your wedding cake, your cake creator or baker would need to make them. Since they are made by hand with meticulous detail, they are the costly choice.


Sugar flowers are totally food-safe and consumable, making them ideal for a cake add-on. You can likewise arrange any flower, in any size. So if your number one sunflowers are unavailable for your March wedding—it doesn’t make a difference! As they can be modified and made into smaller sizes to accommodate your two-level cake or bigger to accommodate your five-level cake. These can turn according to shape, size, and needs.


Their cost is worth referring twice since they are so costly. This could mean fewer flowers than you had hoped. And keeping in mind that it is certain to choose from a tone of a variety of shapes and types. But the colors are paler, more chic shades. In case you’re searching for bright, energetic tones, at that point. You should go for real flowers as they will be a better fit.

So as you see, there is no wrong answer! What is important is that they fit into your wedding theme and budget. But before you make any decision. You should talk to your florist as he/she holds specialty and tremendous experience in this field. And if you are celebrating your anniversary and planning to get the same cake, then you can contact the same baker or go online and look for sites that provide customers with anniversary cakes delivery.

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