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Home Shopping Online in 2021, Advantages vs. Disadvantages

I had gone to buy a shirt in a small shopping outlet. The Shopping center was organized with fancy fittings, automatic elevator though it only had a basement, GF, 1st floor, and 2nd floor. I bought a light brown color shirt. Made the payment on the counter where there was a queue in conjunction with the SOPs for Covid-19. Somehow, because of the Covid, I was in a hurry and did not check the shirt. When I came home realized it had some stains on it. Now, what to do? Go back again and get it exchanged. Anyway, life goes on and one needs to have unique items of needs and wants to get through it. So we go for home shopping to buy our essentials and non-essentials. But the above story helps us to think for a while, what is better, whether to go online shopping or go in person. Let’s analyze some advantages and disadvantages of both:-

Advantages of Home Shopping Online

No Time Boundaries

No time Boundaries: Shopping online helps you to buy a product anywhere, anytime that is round the clock. But yes, you should have a good online connection. You can shop whenever you want. If you want to buy a new watch at 4 a.m. for your wife on the wedding anniversary, you can do it easily and really surprise her.

Travel and Traffic Hassle

You can shop from the comfort of your own home, whether it is boiling or cold outside. You don’t have to dress up and see if your car or bike has fuel in it. If it’s snowing, the same is the case and you can’t get out, you can still shop. So you do not have to travel long distances to buy the item of your choice. Don’t have to wait in traffic, no parking problem and long queues due to Covid SOPs.

Single Store – Shopping Online

A wide variety of stores are available at your disposal online. The best of the best and the medium ones as well. You have to just click a few times to get your order at your doorstep. And yes, you can order in bulk at wholesale price as well.

Rating & Review

Just need to see a few ratings and reviews about an item and you can order. Without giving long thoughts, you can choose from a variety of colors and designs by simple browsing. If you are not in a hurry, leave questions as comments and you may get a reply. You can also take a recommendation from friends or relatives.

Home Shopping Simplified

You can shop easily online by using the cash payment facility on delivery. Otherwise, opt for payment through a credit card. This may not be possible in stores, where if you are not using your credit card.

You can avail a number of discount offers like I viewed one, Vrients discount codes. There are up to 50% discounts available online by different online stores on special occasions like Independence Day, Children’s Day, World Book Day celebrations, or the World Day of Social Justice, etc. It all depends on the efforts you invest into it as this requires a lot of browsing time.

You can listen to an audiobook or play a game while shopping online. Things are not in your control if you are shopping otherwise.

Wrapping and Parcel Facility

Many online stores will not only help you in choosing the item but also wrap it and parcel on your behalf. It is an excellent way of sending gifts to loved ones on different occasions. Saving you the hassle of going to the post office, finding out the rates, and then ensuring delivery.

One on One Shopping

One can shop in order to buy particular medicine that you don’t want anyone to know about. You can shop for undergarments freely without hesitation. You would not like to discuss this with anyone, not even the storekeeper, who may know you in person. When you buy these items online, it reduces the embarrassment to a great extent.

Disadvantages of Home Shopping Online

Quick Buying

Shopping Online

Though you can shop online quickly mostly with a few clicks; if you are sure of what to buy. But if not, then you may have to browse the number of pages to get the exact item you may look for. And this is not guaranteed, you will get the exact one. I mean there could be brand or style differences.  Your internet could slow down things, if not working properly. Payment issues often arise when paying through credit card as you may have to register details online, which is not always safe.

Meanwhile shopping in person can be quicker as all brands, styles, and sizes are in front of you. So it is easier to decide. The tangible feeling has no replacement whatsoever.

Awaited Delivery – Added Charges

When you order online, it may take time to get it delivered. Sometimes it may take around a week also depending on the stock or even item size matters sometimes. Delivery charges even for minor items may actually cost you much more because of added delivery charges.

 When you are shopping in person, you can buy at the spot after making payments in cash or credit.

Negotiating a deal

Shopping in person helps you to negotiate a deal that is not possible in online ordering. Whatever is to be paid is to be paid. You may not be aware, but you are being overcharged if you have not reviewed many sites. But when go you shopping in person, you can visit several dealers at one time and get the know-how.  For e.g. if you are buying a refrigerator, you can look for several brands in one showroom and ask what each offers in terms of price and options. Compare them at the spot and can decide immediately if you are in a hurry.

Wrong or Unacceptable Parcel

You may get the parcel but not the one you adored or ordered, it may be different in specifications or color.

I remember once receiving two sets of laptop speakers, though I had ordered one set and the irony was that both were broken.

If I were shopping in person, I would have thoroughly checked and then bought the speakers after being completely satisfied.

Return Policy – Shopping Online

I had to return the speakers myself and secondly the payment which was made at the time of order was returned nearly after a week of the return of the actual items.

If I had bought it in person, just would have to drive through and return the pieces and get my amount back.

Ball in your court

The personal touch is missing in shopping online. The trust factor plays a vital role, especially in day-to-day shopping. And this is missing online. Going out shopping can be fun, learning, and adventurous. You can dine out with family and have fun, even though within the restrictions.

Having critically analyzed both the advantages and disadvantages, I would like to go home shopping in person. Going in person, as said before, has a tangibility power of feeling things. I can feel a book, read it, and get an idea about the complete story and buy it if I take it in my hands.

For very personal things, yes, I will order them online or the unimportant ones because I can wait for them. It’s all up to you and your liking, the ball is in your court.

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