Valentine's Gifts, Online Shopping Site in India

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Love Birds

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine's Gifts, Online Shopping Site in India

Valentine’s Week 

Valentines Day is not just a single day of celebration but a complete week dedicated to the notion of love. As love take times to flourish, similarly each day of valentine week holds a meaning that leads to the final day of the occasion. It starts with –

Rose Day (7th Feb) – 

Nothing can better express your feelings than the fresh roses as they are considered as the floral entity of love. Fresh rose bouquets in different colors and arrangements are available online from us that can be simply presented to your partner on this day.

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Propose Day (8th Feb) – 

It is the second day dedicated to proposing your partner in the most romantic way possible. So, to make it more special accompany your proposal with perfect gifts like flowers, chocolates, ring, and so on.

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Chocolate Day (9th Feb) – 

On the third day, add sweetness to your relationship and give a great start to a lifetime relation with special chocolate arrangements and delicious chocolates, all available from us.

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Teddy Day (10th Feb) – 

Girls are strongly attracted towards teddy bears as they are adorable, hence this fourth day is dedicated to making your girl happy with a gift. You can find a vast range of cute and cuddly soft toys and teddy bears over here. Also, add cuteness to your men’s life with it.

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Promise Day (11th Feb) – 

On this fifth day, the couples make promises of love, faithfulness and supporting each other till their last breath. Promise day gifts are also shared.

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Kiss Day (12th Feb) – 

This day represents the purest form of love – a kiss that is exchanged between the lovers. Some also present kiss day gifts in form of teddies, chocolates, cakes, etc.

Hug Day (13th Feb) – 

Hug is considered as the solution to every sorrow and pain in the world. So, on this day couples embrace each other and keep alive the memory of this special moment with a perfect hug day gift.

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Valentine’s Day (14th Feb) – 

Finally the day of love and togetherness is celebrated on 14th of February as Valentine’s Day. Lovers celebrate this day with full pleasure and one could easily feel the essence of this love in the air. Various beautiful yet heart melting Valentine’s Day gifts can be bought online from us with ease.

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No matter whether you need rose day, promise day, teddy day, chocolate day, kiss day, hug day, propose day or Valentine’s Day gifts, and get it all right here from your own online Fashion Blog – Dhara Online Store.


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