10 Shopping tips, Ethnic Wears, Dhara Online Store
10 Shopping tips | Ethnic Wears

10 Shopping Tips You Must Consider While Shopping Ethnic Wears

Gone are the days when Indian ethnic wears were not really considered to be a part of fashion. Today ethnic wears are changing the fashion game, they are equally in demand and cherished by fashion lovers as western wear. The style and designs that our traditional wears are available are exuberant. With the advent of the internet and burgeoning e-commerce websites, shopping for these gorgeous dresses and clothing has become so easy and hassle-free without having to step out of your home and hump from shop to shop to get a perfect dress.

While the advantage of online shopping is the accessibility and availability of every type of product all on the internet, however, shopping online can turn into a bitter and annoying experience if not done carefully. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and sometimes fall for some fake and fraudulent websites.

10 Shopping tips, Ethnic Wears, Dhara Online Store
10 Shopping tips | Ethnic Wears

Here is a list of some points that you need to consider while shopping to make your experience fun and delightful. Shall we start?

  1. Your Measurements – Ethnic Wears Online

This is where most of the shoppers still fail and this is one of the pitfalls of online shopping that you can certainly avoid by knowing your vitals. Get your measurements handy and another simple trick is to take the measure of best fitted ethnic wear you already own.

Do not blindly trust the measurements given in the product details. Most of the time the size of ethnic wears comes larger than the actual size mentioned on the product. So if you are size medium you might want to take a size small for yourself. Even though, always compare your measurements with the product details which might help you do not return the lovely outfit.

  2. The Authenticity of a Site

Customer reviews, payment gateways, contact details, product range, social media activity, collaborations with companies and brands are some of the things that will help you to decide if any e-commerce site is authentic or not.

  3. Buyers Protection

This is an important feature to consider while shopping, make sure to have 100% buyer protection. Under this feature, the e-commerce site will meddle in case of any fault or discrepancy and adequately settle down the matter between both the parties involved.

  4. Return Policy

This is one of the most important points to checking before clicking the buy and payment button. As you can’t try the cloth until it arrives, the return policy has to be clear, easy, and customer friendly. Always read the policy before purchasing a product online.

  5. Customer’s Reviews

Customer reviews are truly your friend. A glance at customer reviews especially the product you are buying will give you more clarity about the product. Reading these reviews will surely save you from any mishaps or hassle.

  6. Item Details

Item details not only include the measurements or vitals but also the make, fabric details, and also maintenance. Many users or customers prefer clothes made from durable and sturdy fabric and don’t require special handling. Knowledge of fabric will also help you know if that is suitable for particular season/weather or not, e.g. satin and nylon fabrics are hot and can’t be worn in summer.

  7. Start Small – Best Ethnic Wears

If you are purchasing for the first time online and also the e-commerce site you have not heard much about, start with the products that are not priced very high just to know not only the products and also the customer service.

10 Shopping tips, Ethnic Wears, Dhara Online Store
10 Shopping tips | Ethnic Wears

  8. Compare Other Websites

As there are many websites that are selling ethnic wears, so there is a possibility that you might get the same product on the other site at cheaper rates or at some really good discount. Or you are just looking for a particular design and not a specific brand then also you can try different websites and check for a better price, fabric, and design, shipment, etc.

  9. Keep Eyes on the Trend and be Smart

We all know trends come and go and not every trend is flattering, so be a little mindful and judicious about what you are investing your money in.

So how do you choose the trend that can be worn even if the trend goes away; First of all be aware of your body types that play a huge role if any design makes or breaks the deal of look you are trying to have.

Second of all if you don’t want to put your money on something that.

  10. Your Budget – Ethnic Wears in Reasonable Price

Last and not least is your budget, though with so many sites selling women’s ethnic wear, you can actually check the same product on other websites if it is available in the price range you can afford.

Another cool trick is to add the products you want to buy in the cart and wait for the exciting offers to come which might actually surprise you with the price that actually fits your budget.

Author Bio: I am Aarti Pathak, the media manager at Vasansi Jaipur. Varanasi is a premium designer ethnic wear brand of India for a woman who is renowned worldwide for its designer Anarkali SuitsIndo western dresses, Bridal Lehengas, and Designer Sarees.

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